Sustainable Plastics Consortium starts PRR Negotiation Phase

Sustainable Plastics Consortium among the first 13 agendas that signed a contract under the PRR

Took place on 23rd July 2022, at the Electricity Museum, the signing ceremony of the terms of acceptance of the first 13th Mobilizing Agendas and Green Agendas for Business Innovation of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR), session which was attended by the Prime Minister, António Costa.
Sustainable Plastics Consortium starts PRR Negotiation Phase

The Green Agenda “SUSTAINABLE PLASTICS”, an initiative promoted by APIP - Portuguese Plastics Industry Association, whose Consortium is led by Logoplaste Innovation Lab, was one of those that signed the aforementioned contract.

The "SUSTAINABLE PLASTICS" agenda, which represents 39 million euros of investment, includes 51 entities (38 companies, 11 non-business entities of the R&I system and 2 business partners), which together will develop even more sustainable plastic materials and products to the market, increasing their Circularity and Efficiency as resources, aligned with the needs of reuse, repair and recycling.