APIP participates in the Innovation Forum

January 8, 2024

Amaro Reis, President of APIP - Portuguese Plastics Industry Association, participated on January 8th in the Innovation Forum, organized by PIEP - Innovation in Polymer Engineering and the University of Minho in Guimarães, where the role of Innovation in leveraging a smarter and more sustainable society was discussed.
APIP participates in the Innovation Forum

The President of APIP was present at the Round Table titled "Innovation Ecosystems for a Decarbonized Economy" along with Gonçalo da Gama Lobo Xavier from APED - Portuguese Association of Distribution Companies, João Gomes from DST Group, and Pedro Rocha from PRODUTECH. The panel was moderated by Antonio Pontes from the University of Minho. Amaro Reis highlighted the importance of synergy between Academia and Companies in order to empower resources and promote proper implementation of measures towards decarbonization, citing the example of APIP's recent project, approved under the PRR framework, and developed in partnership with EY Parthenon - Roadmap for Decarbonization of the Plastics Industry.

The Roadmap for Decarbonization of the Plastics Industry aims to promote a paradigm shift in resource utilization, through the empowerment of sector companies in this area, realizing and challenging the measures of PNEC 2030 and RNC 2050, seeking to enhance the acceleration of the transition to a carbon-neutral economy.

This project, which aims to be an example at both national and international levels, has an Advisory Board with various personalities possessing multidisciplinary knowledge regarding Climate, who will contribute to this roadmap presenting guidelines based on scientific facts, in line with APIP's stance – the need for decisions to be based on scientific facts and not on emotional factors.

This roadmap constitutes yet another initiative of APIP and the continuous commitment of the plastics sector to sustainability and, progressively, to the concept of regeneration, as a more ambitious approach that seeks to actively restore the global environment and without which we will not be able to achieve the efficiency of existing or potentially existing resources.