APIP was present at the A Circular Future with Plastics Conference, organized by EuPC

June 11, 2024

On June 11 and 12, 2024, APIP, represented by its President, Amaro Reis, Executive Vice-President, Pedro Paes do Amaral and Technical Director, Nuno Aguiar, attended the Conference "A Circular Future with Plastics" organized by European Plastics Converters (EuPC) with the support of Agoria and essenscia PolyMatters, which took place at the BluePoint Conference Centre in Brussels.
APIP was present at the A Circular Future with Plastics Conference, organized by EuPC

At this conference, APIP had the opportunity to promote the Sustainable Plastics Agenda, capable of leveraging the sector's transition to a truly circular economy, contributing with even more sustainable solutions, the next edition of the Plastics Summit - Global Event, the sector's largest sustainability and circular economy event, whose 2nd edition will take place on October 6, 2025, in Lisbon, as well as the Roadmap for Decarbonizing the Plastics Industry. This project, an initiative of the Association in partnership with EY, aims to leverage the decarbonization of the Plastics Industry and promote a paradigm shift in the use of resources, by training companies in the sector in this area, implementing and challenging the measures of PNEC2030 and RNC2050, seeking to accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral economy.

On the sidelines of this conference, the Board of Directors meeting was held on June 10, and was attended by Pedro Paes do Amaral, representing APIP, and Domingos Pinto, CEO of Simoldes Plastics.

The General Assembly, held on the morning of June 11, before the start of the conference, was attended by Amaro Reis and Pedro Paes do Amaral, representing APIP, as well as Filipe de Botton, Executive Chairman of Logoplaste and Domingos Pinto, CEO of Simoldes Plastics.

Nuno Aguiar, APIP's Technical Director, took part in the second day of the conference, where he presented the association's latest developments in terms of communication, and also took part in the round table entitled "Closing the Gap on Green and Digital Skills Transition".

To talk about the importance of decarbonization in the industry, APIP invited Jorge Cristino, author and specialist in sustainability and climate change, Coordinator of the Strategic Committee of the Advisory Board of the Roadmap for the Decarbonization of the Plastics Industry, who presented the framework of the project and its main developments, particularly with regard to opportunities for decarbonization.

APIP thanks EuPC for the invitation and the opportunity!