Participation in this event not only enabled us to keep abreast of the main developments and challenges in the automotive sector and the corresponding use of plastic materials, based on the pillars of the circular economy and sustainability, but also to promote the next edition of the Plastics Summit - Global Event, the largest sustainability and circular economy event in the sector, the 2nd edition of which will take place on October 6, 2025, in Lisbon.

APIP's Technical Director, Nuno Aguiar, had the opportunity to meet with various stakeholders, including:

  • Marc Monnin and Marta Rodriguez Barrena, Managing Director and Responsable Marketing, respectively at CEP - Centro Español de Plásticos;
  • Andrea Beingolea Farfán and Pedro P., Marketing and Sales Manager, 3D Printing, respectively at AGI Spain;
  • Antonio Penadés Pla and Sergio Mayor Aroca, Sustainable and Future Mobility Group and Mechanical Phisical Lab, respectively at AIMPLAS - Instituto Tecnológico del Plástico;
  • Rubén Gambarte, Change Management Services at BESTPLANT;
  • Eduard Garriga Chabert and Jaime Sanchez (Product Manager), respectively from Gravotech;
  • Henrique Pinto, Sales Representative & Product Manager Advanced Materials at IMCD Group;
  • Anabela Pereira Ramalhete and Aina Recasens, Sales Account Manager Ibéria and Marketing Specialist, respectively at Nexeo Plastics;
  • Nuno Rodrigues, Sales and Product Manager Polymers at Omya;
  • Joan Galí Borrell, Sales at STX RADIAL AMBIENT S.L.;
  • Roberto Benzi, Executive at ULTRA SYSTEM SA.

Thank you all for visiting!

APIP would once again like to thank CEP, the institutional partner of the Plastics Summit - Global Event 2025, for this opportunity!