This event comes at a time when new regulations are being produced at European level, with extremely ambitious targets, and seeks to address the challenges facing the plastics value chain, particularly in the area of recycling, a key aspect on the road to circularity and decarbonization of the sector. Topics such as investment, recyclability, incorporation of recyclate, traceability and certification are at the heart of the discussion at this event.

Industry has indeed innovated in technology and research and development over time in order to increase the recyclability of products and their effective recovery at the end of the chain. However, it is also crucial to invest in educating and raising awareness among consumers, as well as in the equipment made available to them so that they can separate their waste more and better. The focus should also be on promoting environmentally responsible and sustainable behavior, based on scientifically proven information, avoiding greenwashing, since citizens will continue to be the driving force behind a true circular economy.

APIP also publicize the next edition of the Plastics Summit - Global Event, the largest sustainability and circular economy event in the sector. APIP's Technical Director, Nuno Aguiar, had the opportunity to meet with various organizations, including:

  • Marc Monnin, Managing Director of CEP - Centro Español de Plásticos;
  • Antonino Furfari and Mireia Boada, Manager Director and Project Manager respectively at Plastics Recyclers Europe;
  • Óscar Hernández Basanta, General Director of ANARPLA;
  • Francisco Soldevilla García, Exhibition Sales Executive at Step Exhibitions Ltd;
  • Luis Cediel Blanco and Blanca De Arteche, Director General and Director of Institutional and International Relations and Training at ANAIP, one of the associations co-organizing the Plastics Summit - Global Event 2025;
  • Alicia Martin Rodriguez and Irene Mora Barrantes, PhD, General Manager Iberian Region and Public Affairs and Sustainability Senior Manager, respectively, of Plastics Europe.

Thank you all for visiting!

APIP would once again like to thank ANARPLA, the institutional partner of the Plastics Summit - Global Event 2025, for this opportunity!