The event took place at Europarque in Santa Maria da Feira, where the advances and novelties of 49 Mobilising Agendas and Green Agendas for Business Innovation, transformative projects for the national economy, were presented on stage and on display.

The state of the art of the Sustainable Plastics Agenda, an initiative of APIP – the Portuguese Plastics Industry Association, led by Logoplaste Innovation Lab, was presented by the Scientific Coordinator, Jorge Coelho from the University of Coimbra.

Sustainable Plastics

The Sustainable Plastics Mobilising Agenda, backed by an investment of around 39 million euros, is an initiative of APIP, spearheaded by the Logoplaste Innovation Lab. The initiative has garnered the collaboration of a consortium of 49 entities, all driven by a shared objective: to bolster the sector’s transition towards a Circular Economy, emphasizing sustainability.