The event was attended by the Secretary of State for the Environment, Emídio Sousa, the Mayor of Cantanhede, Helena Teodósio and António Martins, Board Member of Bio4Plas. The Recicla + project aims to recycle the largest number of coffee capsules in Portugal, generating a recovery of the grounds, triggering a use for the purpose of liquid biofertilizer and, on the other hand, the regeneration of plastic generating recycled raw material that will be incorporated into new non-food products. This project is one of several that make up the Sustainable Plastics Mobilizing Agenda, which aims to leverage the plastics sector's transition to an effective and truly circular economy. This Agenda, which started as an APIP initiative and is led by Logoplaste Innovation Lab, has a global investment of around 39 million euros and will present results in December 2025.

The Plastics Summit - Global Event, the sector's largest sustainability and circular economy event, was also presented at the event. Pedro Paes do Amaral, Executive Vice-President of APIP, presented the highlights of the past edition and the next edition, which will take place on October 6, 2025. Congratulations to Bio4plas - Biopolímeros, Lda. and the other co-promoters of the Recicla+ project: Codil Portugal, MC Sonae, BICAFÉ, IncBio - Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing and PIEP - Innovation in Polymer Engineering.